Business idea: स्टूडेंट पार्ट टाइम में इन 10 बिजनेस से कमा सकते है ₹2000 डेली!

By Mohan Marwadi

Dec. 12, 2023

Affiliate Marketing Business: Earn money by promoting products. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA. 

Freelancing Business: Work on multiple projects, enjoy flexibility. Average Income: ₹4.0 LPA. 

Graphic Designing Business: Create catchy graphics for businesses. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA.

Content Creating Business: Utilize creativity for brand-related content. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA. 

Video Editing Business: Edit videos from home for various purposes. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA.

Handmade Products Business: Craft and sell handmade items. High returns with low investment..

Content Writing Business: Write blogs, captions, and articles. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA. 

Web Development Business: Build websites, learn coding or use CMS. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA.

Reselling Business: Trade valuable used items online. Thriving industry worth billions.

Trip Planner Business: Help plan personalized trips for clients. Average Income: ₹2.3 LPA.  

Digital Marketing Business: Analyze online patterns, market businesses. Average Income: ₹3.0 LPA. 

Photography Business: Use smartphones for high-quality photos. Dual income from events and projects. 

Movers & Packers Business: Help in packing, moving, and setting up. Build a trustworthy local business.

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